Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Headlines: July 21 2010

* Latin America: Brazilian scientists are investigating why hundreds of dead penguins have washed up on the shores of Sao Paulo while a type of fungus has been blamed for wiping out thirty amphibian species in Panama.

* Central America: “How to stem spiraling gang violence and how to bring Honduras back into SICA’s fold,” where the two main topics discussed during a conference of Central American leaders yesterday.

* Puerto Rico: After a ten-year chase authorities finally captured a Puerto Rican drug capo nicknamed “the Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean.”

* Argentina: According to the local press Diego Maradona will allegedly continue as head coach of Argentina's men’s national soccer team.

Image – Sky News
Online Sources- AP, New York Daily News, AS/COA Online, BBC News, National Geographic

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