Friday, July 23, 2010

Today's Video: Utah's list of shame

The debate over immigration in the U.S. has centered on Arizona and the SB 1070 that is set to go into effect a week from today. Yet the discussion has at times been ugly in other parts of the country such as Utah where there has been an uproar over the distribution of a suspected illegal immigrant blacklist of 1300 mostly Latino names. recently took a look at how several media sources focused on the controversy including some of the consequences of the ugly incident:

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Montana said...

Utah Welfare list? I thought the majority in AZ, NM, TX, NV, UT, CO, OK, on Welfare, are old school Mormons (FLDS) who still practice polygamy with underage girls and send these girls in to claim they are single parents and get their checks. You should see some of the palace homes that are paid with welfare checks.

Anonymous said...

from de Clermont - why does your title say "Utah's Shame"? The state of Utah, neither its government nor its populace are behind what happened. A disgraceful few Utahans are.
As for Montana, it is a shame that computers cannot restrict moronic commentary in a decent, informative and insightful webpage. There should be webpages for all the less emotionally worthy and their prejudices and senseless pablum.