Saturday, September 3, 2005

Argentina's Kirchner faces protests ahead of Congressional elections

Piqueteros demanding increased government stipends cause a breakdown in Buenos Aires transportation. A local business organization leader quips, "This is the only city in the world where there is a flashing light downtown to let drivers know whether there are protests cutting off some of the main streets." article

Fitch downgrades Costa Rica's credit rating

In a move that tarnishes Costa Rica's image as the 'Switzerland of the Americas', Fitch Ratings has confirmed that the country's long-term foreign and local currency ratings now merit a 'BB' and 'BB Plus', respectively. Fitch cites the Costa Rican government's intransigence on the passage of CAFTA and shaky public finances as reasons for the change. article

Chavez earns scorn from The Economist

The Venezuelan president incurs the disapproval of the British mag after clamping down on the private sector. article