Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Daily Headlines: January 8, 2014

* Venezuela: The shocking murder of actress and former Miss Venezuelan Monica Spear has shined a light on the South American country's high levels of violence.

* Mexico: Mexico's National Human Rights Commission blasted local authorities for not properly investigating the 2010 massacre of seventy-two undocumented immigrants in Tamaulipas state.

* Panama: Operators of the Panama Canal offered $283 million to a Spanish-led consortium as part of a deal to continue the pricey expansion of the famed waterway.

* Latin America: Santa Marta, Colombia, several locations in Uruguay and the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro were named by Travel + Leisure magazine as among the "Best Places to Travel in 2014."

* U.S.: Is the Latino-themed spinoff to the Paranormal Activity film series a "savvy move" or a box office bust?

* Brazil: A recent Brazilian government report found that the country's troublesome prison system continues to be overwhelmed by a rapidly growing inmate population.

* Argentina: In the latest chapter of the diplomatic brouhaha over the Falklands, the Argentine government appointed a new minister to oversee relations with the British-controlled archipelago.