Friday, May 19, 2006

So what are the best all-Hispanic bouts of all time?

Okay, so this is a deviation from the usual types of posts on this blog. But this is an interesting list on the best boxing bouts between Hispanic fighters ranging from recent bouts to older matches with the likes of Alexis Arguello and Roberto Duran.

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Bolivia to distribute unused lands to peasants

On Tuesday, the Bolivian government introduced a land reform program that would redistribute unused land already owned by the government. The measure seeks to calm landowners worried that fertile, privately-owned lands would be redistributed.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Female version of King Tut found in Peru

Archeologists are astonished with the finding of a 1600-year-old female mummy found in northern Peru who may have been a ruler or warrior of the Moche tribe. The well-preserved mummy adorned with jewels and other artifacts led one scientist to compare the tomb to that of Egypt’s King Tut.

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Media gives mixed reviews to Bush’s immigration plan

DiversityInc and VivirLatino offer posts that describe the varied opinions of the U.S. media to President Bush’s immigration plan. While the Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal offered favorable opinions of the president’s Monday night speech, editorials in the New York Times and Christian Science Monitor lambasted the proposal which called for allowing a conditional guest-worker program while deploying 6000 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. (Click on image to see a funny editorial cartoon on the immigration issue).

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Menem: I shall return!

In an interview to a Chilean magazine last weekend, former Argentine president Carlos Menem vowed that he would run for the presidency next year. Menem also took advantage of the interview to take pot shots at Hugo Chavez and the Argentine media.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ecuador takes over Oxy oil field

In the footsteps of Bolivia’s plan to nationalize their gas fields, Ecuador seized an oil field from U.S.-owned Occidental Petroleum. The U.S. retaliated by cutting off free trade negotiations with Ecuador. Two days ago, Ecuador renewed an oil exploration contract with a Spanish-Argentine energy firm.

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Caribbean headlines: IMF praises Dominican resurgence; poor preoccupied over Preval

Barbados is preparing for the possibility of an avian flu outbreak

ravaging its poultry industry.

The International Monetary Fund praised the “remarkable improvement” of the Dominican Republic's economy.

Reuters examines the worry in some of the Haitian masses over the possible heavy influence of the wealthy elite on recently inaugurated president Rene Preval.

Retail sales plunged as the Puerto Rican economy tries to come back from a two-week partial government shutdown.

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Copper exports boost Chile’s economy

Chile’s copper export revenues increased by 50% over the first half of this year. This has greatly helped the country’s economy since the government has been prudent over spending, according to the Financial Times.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brazil: 'Can you hear me now?' Boom!

While media hysteria in the U.S. has revolved around a spate of deadly alligator attacks, Brazilians have been treated to an increase in media attention over mobile phone explosions. (Second link via


“Should Africa look to Latin America?”

Afroblog! brings up the topic of discussion for BBC Africa’s program “Have Your Say,” including whether Africa needs a continent-wide political surge towards the left. One African blogger thinks that would be a step in the right direction. (The program will air on BBC’S news service at 1600 GMT this Wednesday).

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Wonkette covers Bush’s speech on immigration

Snarky political blog Wonkette live-blogged tonight’s Presidential speech on immigration and took satirical jabs at President Bush and Lou Dobbs, amongst others.

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British conservatives upset over Chavez visit

Members of England’s Conservative Party are so unhappy with the visit of Hugo Chavez that they boycotted a lunch in Chavez’ honor. One Tory legislator called London Mayor Ken Livingstone “incompetent” for his decision to dine with the controversial Venezuelan leader at City Hall.

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Argentina and Uruguay continue paper mill dispute

Last week’s summit between several Latin American nations and the European Union failed to find a solution to an ongoing disagreement over Uruguay’s plans to build a paper mill close to the border with Argentina. Earlier this month, Argentina filed a lawsuit against Uruguay in the International Court of Justice to prevent the construction of the paper mill that would be owned by two European companies.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Week-in-Review: May 8 to May 14

Monday May 8: Oscar Arias inaugurated as Costa Rican president. Sweeping labor reform bill becomes law in Brazil. Study shows 5 million more immigrants to arrive in U.S. from Latin America by 2015.

Tuesday May 9: Eight latin American nations, including Cuba, were elected to the UN’s Human Rights Council. Census figures show that births, not immigration, are the main reason for Hispanic growth between mid-2004 and mid-2005.

Wednesday May 10: Argentina seeks the extradition of six suspects accused of a “Dirty War” murder. Bolivian landowners upset over government land redistribution plan.

Thursday May 11: Former Cuban political prisoner Eusebio Penalver dies. By a 5-3 vote, Colombia’s Supreme Court depenalizes certain forms of abortion. Hundreds of protesters upset at police abuse block roads leading into Mexico City.

Friday May 12: A summit in Vienna closed with several latin American states and the European Union agreeing to create closer economic ties. Oil is the main issue as Bolivia’s president prepares for a trip to Europe.

Saturday May 13: Blitzkrieg of criminal attacks leave approximately 30 dead in Sao Paulo. Puerto Rico’s Senate approved a $740 million loan that would end a partial government shutdown. Ecuadorian ex-president gets 2-year ban from holding public office.

Sunday May 14: Rene Preval inaugurated as Haitian president.

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