Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today’s Video: Going green

From the pioneering bus rapid system in Curitiba, Brazil to the ciclovia bicycle-riding paths of Bogota, Colombia numerous environmentally-friendly projects have gone into effect in several Latin American urban centers. The megalopolis that is Mexico City has not been an exception as the government of mayor Marcelo Ebrard has promoted a novel bike-sharing program. The idea has not been without its detractors such as some cyclists who feel that bike safety has taken a back seat. But with a major environmental conference currently under way in Cancun, the "Green Plan" could be another successful program in Latin America.

Much like this entry on Peru, the video cannot be embedded but the link to the brief clip is included below:

Online Sources - Reuters, The Latin Americanist, Wikipedia, Urban Habitat
Video Source - AFP via YouTube
Image - El Economista

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