Monday, November 1, 2010

Today’s Video: A petition for Peru

On Tuesday we’ll dedicate most of the day’s posts to the midterm legislative elections in the U.S.

Last week a protest was held in the Peruvian capital of Lima advocating the rights of women. The demonstration was organized through Amnesty International (AI), and activists of that organization handed over a petition signed with 25,000 signatures calling for the government to do more to reduce the female and infant mortality rates. One woman dies in Peru every eight hours due to complications related to pregnancy according to AI secretary general Salil Shetty. She added that most of these deaths are preventable and especially hit rural, indigenous, and poor women.

Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded but the link to the brief clip is included below:

Video Source - YouTube
Image - Living in Peru ("
High mother and child mortality in rural areas. (Photo: El Comercio).")
Online Sources-, RPP

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