Monday, November 1, 2010

Daily Headlines: November 1, 2010

* Caribbean: Haiti and the Dominican Republic are bracing for a Tropical Storm Tomas that swept through eastern parts of the Caribbean over the weekend.

* Peru:
Some Peruvians are not too happy with Sofia Vergara's "offensive and discriminatory" joke poking fun at the Andean country during a recent episode of "Modern Family."

* Honduras:
Soccer may be nicknamed as "the beautiful game" but it was quite the opposite on Saturday when gunmen killed fourteen people at a San Pedro Sula field.

* Latin America:
Venezuela and Paraguay are the most corrupt countries in Latin America while Chile and Uruguay were rated the least corrupt in the region according to Transparency International.

Image - CBC ("A woman walks by damaged power lines and infrastructure after the storm hit St. James Parish, Barbados, on Saturday. (Chris Brandis/Associated Press).")
Online Sources - Transparency International, CBC, Xinhua, Voice of America

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