Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Headlines: November 2, 2010

* Colombia: Congrats to Edgar Renteria who was named as the World Series Most Valuable Player as the San Francisco Giants won their first championship in over fifty years.

* Mexico: Four U.S. citizens were killed in separate incidents in northern Mexico over the weekend.

* Argentina: "It's my most painful moment," said President Cristina Fernandez in a nationally televised speech last night regarding the sudden death of her husband.

* Cuba: Local Catholic Church officials said that the government would release a political prisoner held behind bars since 1985.

* Haiti: How did a “South Asian strain” of cholera arrive in Haiti to infect and kill over 330 people?

* Venezuela: Political relations between Venezuela and Colombia are expected to keep improving, as Hugo Chavez will host Juan Manuel Santos in Caracas today.

Image – The Telegraph (“Let the party begin: San Francisco players celebrate after beating the Texas Rangers Photo: REUTERS.”)
Online Sources- Reuters, El Universal, CNN, BBC News, The Latin Americanist, USA TODAY

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