Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LatAm media report on midterm elections

How have some Latin American media sources reported on Tuesday’s U.S. midterm elections? Here is a small sample:

* Cuba: Cubadebate highlights the seven Cuban-Americans that will be part of the upcoming Congress including Marco Rubio (Republican), Albio Sires (Democrat) and “fierce wolf” Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

* Chile: Writing in La Tercera, Alvaro Vargas Llosa believes that President Obama may gamble and push for immigration reform despite the Republican legislative shift.

* Brazil: Luciana Coelho of faults President Obama for the Democrat’s electoral losses partly due to “prioritizing bizarre” issues.

* Mexico: On a similar front, Carlos Loret de Mola compares the rise and (so far) fall of Obama to ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox.

* Colombia: An article in examines the difficulties pro-business Republicans will face against Tea Party-allied politicos who don’t support free trade pacts with Colombia and Panama.

* Argentina: Speaking of the Tea Party, Paula Lugones in wonders how much of the GOP’s “loyalties” lie with a group that “hates intellectuals” yet “has been the force that shook up the campaign season.”

* Spain: We know that Spain’s El Pais is not in the Americas yet it’s worth noting their analysis of the Republican’s “edge” in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Image – Reuters
Online Sources- Cubadebate, La Tercera,, El Universal,,, El Pais

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