Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today’s Video: Barrio Judio

Yesterday we looked at the Holy Week celebrations in a small city located in southern El Salvador. Today we’ll take a quick look at Uruguay’s Jewish populace in honor of the Passover holiday that began on Friday night.

According to the World Jewish Congress, Jews compromise an estimated 20,000 of Uruguay’s 3.2 million total population. Despite such a low number, immigrants from countries like Germany, Hungary and Morocco over the past 140 years have helped create a very diverse Jewish community in Uruguay.

They are also a very politically active community as seen last year when numerous local Jewish institutions blasted controversial remarks made by Iran’s ambassador in Uruguay.

The following video clip comes from a documentary on the development of Montevideo’s Barrio Judio, a traditionally Jewish neighborhood that includes some residents who have lived there over several generations:

Video Source – YouTube via elapapacho

Online Sources- World Jewish Congress, JTA, The Latin Americanist

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