Friday, August 3, 2007

North Dakota to sell potato seeds to Cuba

The Cuban government accepted a proposal from the U.S. state of North Dakota to purchase 100 tons of potato seeds. “It's a very small amount but it is significant in testing the waters,” observed North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson who earlier this year advocated modifying the near fifty year embargo the U.S. has on the island:

“We have normalized trade relationships with other communist nations…yet with Cuba, our government continues with the opposite approach, seemingly convinced that continued economic isolation and diplomatic slaps in the face will effect positive change.”

Congress passed a law six years allowing for sales of U.S. agricultural goods and medicine to Cuba despite the embargo. Leaders of states like North Dakota and Idaho are hoping to use this loophole to establish closer economic ties to Cuba.

For the record, the governors of North Dakota and Idaho are from the Republican Party.

Sources- North Dakota Agriculture Commission, FOX News,, Wikipedia

Image- Treehugger

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