Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Survey reveals more moderate views on Cuba by Cuban Americans

A study conducted by Florida International University (FIU) showed that a diminishing number of Cuban Americans support the embargo against Cuba and other sanctions place by the bush administration. The 2007 FIU Cuba Poll showed that a majority of respondents back the U.S. embargo on Cuba but support for it has reached its lowest point since 1991. According to one of the poll’s authors:

“Cuban-Americans are ‘willing to try to precipitate that change by instituting new policies that they think will break the isolation,’ said Guillermo Grenier, a sociology professor at FIU who wrote the poll. ‘To isolate a country and then expect it to change according to your norms is counterintuitive and I think the people in the community reflect that view.’”

Not everyone in the Cuban exile community is convinced of the poll's findings as Ana Carbonell- the chief of staff of Miami Representative Lincoln Díaz-Balart- shows:

“This is another one of those annual `push polls' done by those who want to unilaterally ease sanctions to benefit the Castro regime, with a business interest.”

Here are some of the key findings of the 2007 FIU Cuba Poll:
  • Only 17.7% said that they feel that the Bush administration has done a better job dealing with Cuba.
  • Approximately 1 in 4 of those surveyed feel that the embargo is working either “very well” or “well”, though 57.5% support keeping the embargo.
  • 49.1% of responders “strongly agree” with having U.S. companies sell food to Cuba, and 55.2% support unrestricted travel between the U.S. and Cuba. Yet over half of responders admitted that the restrictions have had no effect on them or their family.
  • Support for a U.S.-led military overthrow is nearly split 50-50, as well as preference between a “sudden and violent” transition of power versus one that is “gradual and peaceful.”
  • 54.1% admitted that they would not return to live in Cuba if it were to become a democracy.

Links- Reuters, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, 2007 FIU Cuba Poll

Image- CBS 4

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