Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jamaica: PM adds cricket to politics

Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is the latest Caribbean politician to go “cricket-crazy” and is trying to take advantage of the hoopla surrounding the Cricket World Cup. The tournament is being hosted in the Caribbean and Simpson-Miller’s political speeches are scattered with numerous references to cricket:
  • We have many wickets to take
  • I have the strength to swing the bat
  • Your captain is ready

So far the tournament has had its share of exciting moments such as Ireland’s upset of Pakistan on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, this tournament may be most remembered for its setbacks including the possible murder of Pakistan team coach Bob Wolmer and the lack of strong attendance due to overpriced seats. Not to mention the disappointing performance by the West Indies (i.e. Caribbean) squad who have gone 0-3 in the Super Eights stage.

Image- BBC Sport (Sri Lankan cricket team celebrating their latest victory over England)

Links- BBC Sport, International Herald Tribune, Guardian UK, Jamaica Observer, Scotsman

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