Friday, April 6, 2007

Census: U.S. urban centers lose without immigration

Data from the Census Bureau suggest that large urban centers like Los Angeles and San Francisco benefit from the growth caused by immigration while native-born residents leave for other areas. The information looked at the past 6 years of population statistics and showed that without immigration the populations of many cities would have faced light to moderate losses:

Immigration growth has also been a boon to small communities around the country. In the case of Arkansas, for example, Hispanic immigrant growth is among the fastest in the country and has contributed over $6 million to the state’s budget. (This according to a study separate from the one by the Census Bureau).

The U.S. is not alone to profit from immigration growth; Canadian census figures released last month illustrated that 2/3 of the country’s population growth came from immigrants and Canada is on track to become 100% dependent on immigration for growth.

Links- MSNBC, WALB,, Miami Herald, The Morning News, Cnews, CBC, The Latin Americanist, Guardian UK

Image- People’s Daily Online (Demonstrators marching across the Brooklyn Bridge for immigrant rights in April 2006)

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