Monday, April 2, 2007

New NYC laws to promote deliverymen safety

As anyone who lives in New York City can attest to local food delivery is a great convenience for those too busy or apathetic to cook. Those who perform the often thankless task of local food delivery are immigrants of Hispanic or Asian descent who get little more than the tips they earn. It is difficult to get by only on tips (ask almost any waiter/waitress), which makes services like health care become a premium.

It is with this in mind that New York City’s government last week passed several safety laws mandating bicycle delivery workers wear safety gear and raise awareness of secure cycling practices by delivery personnel. Deliverymen support the laws according to the president of the Latino Restaurant Association:

“’We surveyed our members and they have all agreed it’s a good bill’ and are willing to pay for the helmets.”

Let’s hope that this is a small step in the larger issue of treating delivery workers with some more respect and dignity (unlike, say, the Saigon Grill).

Links- New York Times, WNYC

Image- Columbia University

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