Friday, June 24, 2011

World Watch: Deal or no deal?

* Libya: A detainee swap between the government and rebels could “mark the beginning of broader talks” between the opposing sides, while the White House faces increased congressional pressure over the U.S. military role in Libya.

* China: Government critic and outspoken artist Ai Weiwei was released from prison but he also must abide by a gag order enforced by authorities.

* Rwanda: The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda sentenced former minister Pauline Nyiramasuhuko to life in prison due to her role in planning the mass murders of over 800,000 of her countrymen in 1994.

* Netherlands: According to Dutch researchers Type 2 diabetes can either be reversed or improved via weight loss surgery.

Image – AFP via Al Jazeera English (“Over 300 people have returned to Benghazi, the Libyan rebels' stronghold, aboard an ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)-chartered ship.”)
Online Sources- CBC News, Reuters, the Telegraph, ABC News, CBS News

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