Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daily Headlines: June 21, 2011

* Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic has become the latest Latin American country to back the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state.

* Chile: A court suspended the controversial Hydroaysen project, which was backed by the government yet strongly opposed to by environmentalists and some residents of the Patagonia region.

* U.S.: Representatives of several Latino groups criticized Senator John McCain for claiming that undocumented immigrants caused major wildfires in Arizona.

* Panama: Former leader Manuel Noriega could soon be extradited from France to his homeland where he will serve numerous prisons sentences.

Image – Reuters (“Palestinian protesters gesture in front of Israeli soldiers during clashes near the West Bank village of Deir al Hatab June 5, 2011.”)
Online Sources- Bernama, LAHT, BBC News, The Latin Americanist, CNN

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