Monday, June 20, 2011

Today’s Video: Ghost town

The massive plumes of ash from the erupting Puyehue volcano in Chile has caused widespread problems including delays in air travel across the Southern Cone region along with Australia and New Zealand. The gradual diminishing of volcanic activity has permitted thousands of previously evacuated Chileans to return to their homes. For some people it will take some time to return to their daily lives while their ash-laden towns are cleaned up. Other areas, such as the deserted village in Argentina featured in the following video, may be abandoned forever:

As you can see in the above clip several layers of ash are on the ground, which would hinder cleanup efforts. Animals in the area face starvation since they cannot reach the grass they usually feed while sources of potable water are few and far between. Hence, the Argentine town of Villa la Angustura could become a permanent ghost town.

Online Sources -, CNN
Video Source - YouTube via La Republica

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