Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Headlines: November 29, 2010

* Haiti: Twelve of Haiti’s presidential candidates have called for yesterday’s elections to be cancelled amidst allegations of “massive fraud” and disenfranchisement of thousands of voters

* Cuba: According to Cardinal Jaime Ortega the Cuban government will release the last of a group of political prisoners detained in a 2003 dissident crackdown.

* Mexico: Authorities arrested a suspected drug gang hit man said to be responsible for four out of five murders in Ciudad Juarez.

* Chile: The strike at the Collahuasi copper mine has entered its third week with talks between management and workers expected to resume today.

Image – Eduardo Munoz/Reuters via (“A Haitian walks over ballots on the floor after frustrated voters destroyed electoral materials during a protest at a voting center in Port-au-Prince, Sunday. Twelve out of Haiti's 19 presidential candidates denounced 'massive fraud' in Haiti elections and demanded the vote be canceled.”)
Online Sources- Bloomberg, CNN,, Voice of America

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