Friday, December 3, 2010

Today’s Video: Is it worth it?

We'll be back this weekend to cover several non-Wikileaks stories from the past few days possibly including allegations of discrimination against Latino farmers and the difficulties faced by Mexico's disabled population.

In the meantime the following video from the Associated Press examines some of the pitfalls in the "war on drugs" such as how most of those arrested in drug busts are small fish while the cartels' bosses are generally untouched.

Are the U.S. counternarcotics efforts successful or not? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment to this post.

Video Source - YouTube


Rianne said...

To kill the the weed you need to take it by its roots or it will simply continue to grow. So, these small time busts is going nowhere until they take down the source.

Anonymous said...

yea, when bilarybush-cheney is up to their ears, Colombia, Costa rica-Mena

still going on, and USA full of heroin, dyncorp and halliburton all over afganhi?
hahaaa what a joke is USA sheeples
better wake up
overthrow the status quo
stupid gringos, brainwashed with TV american idol and such

Erwin C. said...

Thanks for your comments. It seems as if you wish to change the current direction of the "war on drugs" but do you have any suggestions on how to do so?