Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mexican press under fire says U.N., OAS

Representatives from the U.N. and Organization of American States have warned against the dangers the Mexican press faces on a daily basis.

Representatives from both organizations concluded a two-week tour of Mexico including Ciudad Juarez in order to investigate violence against journalists. Frank La Rue of the U.N. and Catalina Botero of the OAS met with government officials, NGO representatives, and members of the media during their investigation. The pair concluded that organized crime is the primary threat against the media and even claimed that Mexico is the riskiest country for journalists.

La Rue and Botero also urged the government to take a more active role in helping the press such as creating a “high-level body” to investigate threats and harassment. "Due to the serious situation facing freedom of expression and journalists in the country, it is urgent that the Mexican government adopt a comprehensive policy of prevention, protection and law enforcement," according to a preliminary report.

According to a the Center for Journalism and Public Ethics study there were “documented aggressions against 183 journalists and 19 media organizations for reasons connected to their work” in 2009. In July police freed two cameramen who were kidnapped while investigating possible corruption while an explosive was detonated weeks ago outside the Monterrey headquarters of media giant Televisa. It should come as no surprise then that a coalition of media groups and labor unions united this month to call for an end to the “atmosphere of affronts and violence” against the Mexican press.

Image- AFP (“A Mexican Federal police officer takes care of Televisa cameraman Alejandro Hernandez Pacheco after his rescue” in July).
Online Sources- The Latin Americanist, BBC News, AP, LAHT, Laredo Sun

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Anonymous said...

Attacks to the press have many faces in Mejico. Most of the times it is the government who is the author, at this moment conveniently taking advantage of the narco-war. Gabriela López Gómez vs. Diario de Yucatan is a recent example of how the State Governor tries to get rid of a pesky journalist investigating into one of their scams.