Friday, August 27, 2010

Today’s Video: Alive!

It is very difficult to fully understand the situation faced by 33 Chilean miners trapped 2300 feet below ground for over three weeks. On Thursday, however, they were able to provide a glimpse of their experiences through a 45-minute video where they described how they pass the time and even sang in unison the Chilean national anthem. The following is an excerpt of that video via

Families of all but five of the miners filed lawsuits against the government agency that permitted that San Jose mine to reopen in 2008 as well as the San Esteban mining firm. One of San Esteban’s owners, Alejandro Bohn, denied any negligence and told the local press that “now is not the time to take the blame nor to ask for pardon.” Nevertheless a judge has already ordered that $1.8 million of San Esteban’s funds be withheld in anticipation of the lawsuits.

In addition, the miners have already been told that they may not be freed from the emergency shelter at least until December. But as reported by The Telegraph the miners in the above video appear “motivated and optimistic – a sense that they have a role in their own destinies.”

The trapped workers have also been advised to slim down in order to fit the escape tunnel that is expected to be a mere 26 inches wide. (In order to understand how narrow the passageway will be, the AP cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data showing that the average U.S. waistline is 39.7 inches for men).

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