Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Headlines: July 16, 2010

* Mexico: Political infighting appeared to be the reason behind replacing Fernando Gomez Mont as interior minister with a “little-known pick”.

* El Salvador: U.S. immigration officials extended the temporary protected status deadline for Salvadorans days after it was also extended for Haitians.

* Cuba: Spanish firm Repsol has commenced "the exploration stage" of oil drilling near the Cuban coast, much to the chagrin of some U.S. legislators.

* Latin America: According to OPEC the global need for oil will increase by a million barrels per day next year partly as a result of increased demand from Latin America.

Image – BBC News (“Jose Francisco Blake (left) will be responsible for national security” after being chosen by Mexican President Felipe Calderon to be the next interior minister.)
Online Sources- CNN, The Latin Americanist, BusinessWeek, Reuters, Miami Herald

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