Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daily Headlines: July 15, 2010

* Latin America: According to Interpol the southeastern African country of Mozambique has become “a corridor” for illegal drugs from Latin America into Europe.

* Brazil: President Lula da Silva has proposed strengthening already existing laws restricting foreign ownership of Brazilian land.

* Chile: No casualties or major damages were reported after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake shook parts of central Chile yesterday.

* Venezuela: Police arrested an opposition politician who allegedly was found with explosive devices in his residence.

Image – BBC News (“West Africa, rather than southern Africa, is more often associated with drug smuggling”.)
Online Sources- CNN, AFP, The Telegraph, UPI


Tambopaxi said...

I wonder how good a corridor Mozambique is, given that it's in southeast Africa...

Erwin C. said...

Thank you for pointing out the error. The post has subsequently been corrected.