Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brazil Behind for 2014

Less than a week after the World Cup ended, the world's gaze is already turning toward Brazil.

The country will host the next event in 2014, and South Africa's will be a show to beat.

FIFA has already put the pressure on the country, asking them to hurry their preparation for the stadium, including renovation and infrastructure, the AP reported.

Brazil also needs to finish work on things visitors will use, like airports.

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke called Brazil's lack of improvement "amazing," the AP reported.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defended his country's efforts.

"The World Cup in Africa is over and now everybody is asking, 'Where are the Brazilian airports? Where are the Brazilian stadiums? Where are the Brazilian trains?'" Silva said. "As if we were a bunch of idiots who didn't know how to do things and define priorities."

The AP reports that Brazil has "barely started working" on the 12 necessary stadiums and Sao Paulo doesn't have a stadium at all.

Source: AP

Photo: ESPN


Alfredo said...

All this mumbo jumbo, Brazil will be ready in 2014. They were a host in 1950 and have the experience to make it a successful one.

Anonymous said...

from de Clermont - I do not hold the same faith in Brazil's ability to get its act together for the W Cup as does Alfredo. 1950 was an era that was much less demanding - much fewer people could afford to travel and the infrastructure needed to move people around did not have to be so sophisticated. And, I have worked in Brazil for too long and painfully see the shortcomings of the system. They will no doubt be "ready" but it will no doubt be with tremendous extra cost (greatly surpassing the estimated US$18 billion) which afflict any construction site when deadlines are missed and then later they have to hurry the process tremendously, pay more for the workers' overhours, hire even more people to help the process move faster, en fin, it will be a terrible drain on resources - both the capital and the human kind. FIFA has decades of experience helping countries adopt the right development plan and strategy. THEY know, not necessarily Brazil. And Brazil has already missed the easiest deadlines of all of them. If asked to bet on them finishing in time, I would post the wager for Brazil, but I would be holding my breath all the time.

Alfredo said...

Oh come on, a country like Brazil that's won 5 World Cups, in my humble estimation takes the WC very seriously.
The fact that Brazil's economy is very dynamic and growing will make it possible for all the construction that's necessary. Will there be bumps, of course but they will be surpassed.

Anon you basically agree with me in that in the end the games will be played

Natasha said...

Playing a game and hosting the game are two very different things.
I too am concerned about the drain of resources in preparing for the World Cup (plus the Olympics in 2016). In South Africa a lot of the townships were destroyed and people displaced to get rid of the "eyesores" and to present a positive image for the world. I'm thinking it will be the same thing for Brazil, that they'll present an image of pure samba and joy while sweeping their social problems under the rug.