Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ecuadorian Parliament to Debate on Higher Education Reform

President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa stated that Parliament would be debating the proposed higher education law today for the second time. Correa hopes to revolutionize Ecuadorian higher education and impose stricter laws on qualifications for college professors. The new law would require all university professors to have a master's degree, and all university presidents a Ph.D. While Ecuadorian university students are actually protesting the law, Correa urged
students and teachers from universities to avoid being manipulated by those who defend their privileges and urged them to support what he called a fundamental law for the country's future.
Some professors feel the new law would be unrealistic, as Ecuador only has about 250 full-time professors with doctorates, leaving no one left to conduct research. While Correa looks toward making the higher educational system in Ecuador more respected and reputable, and feels that high education reform is key to development, some feel that the educational focus in his second term as president is too close to the neighboring country of Venezuela. Similar to Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, who changed the educational system making the government in charge of all university hiring, salaries, and admissions, some are accusing Correa of trying to undermine university autonomy.

Photo Source: Examiner.com

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