Monday, July 12, 2010

AP: Chile could take in Cuban dissidents

The Cuban government came to an agreement last week to free 52 political prisoners who have been jailed on the island since 2003. A planned 17 dissidents including journalists and activists are expected to be released from the island in the next few weeks and sent to Spain where they will receive political asylum.

Will Latin American countries be willing to accept other freed dissidents? According to the AP that may be the case for one nation in the Southern Cone:
Chile says it will take in Cuban dissidents released by the communist government.

A spokeswoman for Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno says he is trying to help liberate Cuba's dissidents…

Moreno did not talk to Cuban officials directly. Cuba has not commented on its promised release of political prisoners.
Despite the plan to free political prisoners some activists on the island like the Ladies in White said that they would continue their “weekly march calling for the release of their relatives.”

On a related note, former leader Fidel Castro is expected to appear on Cuban TV and radio days after he made his first public appearance in four years.

Image- Globe and Mail (“Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro visits the National Centre for Scientific Investigation in Havana on July 7.”)
Online Sources- The Latin Americanist, Al Jazeera English, USA TODAY, BBC News, Reuters

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