Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today’s Video: It’s smooth. It’s refreshing. It’s Chicha Libre.

We continue our look this week at this summer’s free concerts in New York City with a great band that hails from Brooklyn: Chicha Libre.

Presumably named after the Peruvian fermented drink, Chicha Libre mixes several different styles from surf music to traditional Andean sounds. The group will be performing on August 22nd at Roosevelt Island (located in the East River between Queens and midtown Manhattan in case you’re a neophyte) so definitely go and check them out.

Here’s the music video for “Indian Summer”, a song that was on their ¡Sonido Amazonico! album released last year:

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Carlos A. Quiroz said...

Chicha is the early name of the Peruvian Cumbia music genre, created by Andean and Amazonian migrants in Lima, who mixed their Indigenous music with trendy Colombian Cumbia. it become the genre of the discriminated provinciano in the Peruvian westernized capital. Today Chicha is known mostly as Cumbia Peruana and is very popular in all social and economic groups of Peru. I love Chicha Libre, they have their own style, reminds me a bit of the 1970's Chicha when I was growing up in the mountains.