Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peru solidarity march held in Washington

As the Peruanista blog noted, several protests have been held in the U.S. in solidarity with indigenous demonstrators in Peru. One march was held on Monday in Washington, D.C. days after violence erupted between the Peruvian army and civilians leaving dozens dead:

In the meantime, one of the indigenous protest leaders is seeking political asylum. Alberto Pizango has sought refuge in Nicaragua's embassy after the Peruvian government accused him of sedition, conspiracy and rebellion against him. A decision on Pizango’s asylum request is expected later today.

What are your thoughts on the situation in Peru? Let us know via your comments.

Online Sources- Peruanista, YouTube, Al Jazeera English, BBC News

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qc.carlos said...

Thanks for posting this video and info. The situation in Peru is very delicate especially because of the political chaos and the controlled media that only posts the official version that says 24 police officers and 9 Indigenous peoples were killed in Bagua. But Indigenous groups and advocates says the number could go up to 100 Native people killed, including children.

Today June 11 there is a National Protest in Peru, with rallies all over the country.