Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Venezuela: Chavez to rework intelligence proposal

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez decided to remove his proposal to reform the country’s intelligence services. “We made a mistake” said Chavez after opposition grew against the edict which would have led to the creation of new intelligence agencies and punishments for those who did not “reveal information.”

Instead, the government has asked the country’s legislature to examine a possible reform:

Chavez, who revamped the country's intelligence structure by decree last month, said he scrapped the law and will ask the National Assembly to draw up a new proposal…

Lawmaker Cilia Flores, who is the president of the National Assembly, said there isn't a timeline for when the new intelligence law will be approved.

“This will be a new bill, with arguments, where we'll put together the President's observations,'' she said (on Tuesday) in comments broadcast by state television.

Numerous analysts have viewed Chavez as “flip-flopping” based not only on the intelligence issue but also his recent comments on Colombian guerillas. Several factors have been cited for this including a drop in his popularity and the need to avoid losing in this November’s local elections.

Image- BBC News

Sources- Voice of America, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Latin Americanist, Washington Post, Associated Press

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