Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prosecutors seek jail for attack on Ecuadorian

Spanish prosecutors are seeking three years in jail for a man caught in the heinous and reprehensible assault of an Ecuadorian girl. According to a statement released by officials, twenty-one-year-old Sergi Xavier Martin will be tried for crimes “against moral integrity and other injuries” after he verbally and physically assaulted the minor in the Barcelona metro last October.

The prosecutor’s accusation goes on to further state that the judge:

Prohibit the accused from any type of communication with the victim…and that he should be forced to pay reparations…

The accusation noted that the minor…suffers from anxiety attacks similar to moderate posttraumatic stress. – [ed. personal translation]

Below is a Spanish TV report depicting the brutal, inexcusable attack (NSFW):

Sources (English)- The Latin Americanist, YouTube

Sources (Spanish)- El Comercio, El Tel├Ęgrafo

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