Friday, June 13, 2008

Chilean President Bachelet and Gov. Schwarzenegger Meet

Yesterday in California, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met and signed a number of bilateral scientific, agricultural and educational agreements.

But what was really interesting, was listening to Schwarzenegger describing Bachelet's biography as being right out of a "blockbuster" except "It is all true". Of course he didn't mention the real life horror Bachelet endured during the Pinochet rule.

TV Nacional de Chile's coverage focused on the Hollywood side of Schwarzenegger, citing that he keeps Conan's (as in the Barbarian) sword in his office to remind him that he needs to cut costs.

Bachelet also took advantage of Schwarzenegger's Hollywood past by inviting him to Chile and saying "Hasta la Vista".

See the TVN story (in Castellano) here.

Sources : LA Times, You Tube, TV Nacional de Chile 24 Horas News Program

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