Monday, June 9, 2008

Cuba rejects U.S. human trafficking list

The Cuban government has expressed their displeasure at being named to a U.S. list of the world’s worst countries involved in human trafficking. In a communiqué issued today, the Cuba’s Foreign Relations Ministry accused Washington of hypocrisy and promoting a distorted view of life on the island:

"Cuba does not see any value in the State Department's report," the Foreign Ministry's statement said. "The government of the United States has a lot to do in its own country to combat the rampant phenomenon there of prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labor and the trafficking of people."

"The government of the United States has a lot to learn about Cuba and is not in a position to judge anyone," it said.

According to one Cuban media source, the “Trafficking in Persons Report” makes “unfounded” accusations in naming Cuba as a center of sexual tourism and of not doing enough to prevent the trafficking of minors.

Sources- PRESS TV, Associated Press, Cuba News

Image- American Bar Association (Anti-trafficking sign in Ecuador)

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