Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today’s Video: “Nueva Musica” – Grupo Uranio

We continue with our video theme of new albums coming out this summer with an offering from Grupo Uranio.

The band specializes in duranguense- a musical genre which according to Wikipedia:

Is closely related to the Mexican styles of banda and norteño. Duranguense has several differences…(it) focuses on el tamborazo, which is the bass drum. The tempo is noticeably faster than banda or norteño… People unfamiliar with duranguense occasionally say it sounds rather like traditional circus music.

Much like banda and norteño, duranguense songs typically focus on longing and love lost. Such is the case with “Dulce Veneno” (“Sweet Poison”), where the protagonist sings to his sweetheart and begs her not to leave him. The song comes from an album of the same name by Grupo Uranio which was released last week.

(Video link):

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