Monday, May 30, 2011

Today’s Video: The mami and papi diner

Today is Memorial Day, a date in the U.S. that commemorates service members who died during military combat. Today's video doesn't focus on Latinos in the military, but instead we want to feature the following report from KBPS set in Oceanside, California. (The city is located just south of the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton).

Grandma's Diner traditionally caters to a varied clientele including military veterans and elderly residents. But the restaurant represents the changing demographics in the U.S.; a population that has gotten increasingly younger and more ethnically diverse. The diner, which was first owned by a "Caucasian couple", was sold to Mexican-born Faustino Hernandez who originally started as a cook at Grandma's. Hence, the clientele has grown to include Latino families and the diner's menu includes "Italian pasta, huevos rancheros and chicken fried steak and grits".

From KBPS here is the story of Grandma's Diner:

Online Source - Time
Video Source - KBPS via YouTube

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