Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man from Argentina Smuggles Cocaine in Mary Statue

A British man caught at a Washington airport said he was on a business trip in Argentina after authorities found religious statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph filled with cocaine in his luggage.

The two statues were about 8 inches to a foot tall, figurines on an oval platform, reported the Washington Examiner. They carried an estimated $65,000 worth of cocaine bricks.

The Washington customs port director, Christopher Hess, issued a statement calling the arrest "a prime example of how Customs and Border Protection relies heavily on officer training and intuition as well as advanced technology to stop suspected illicit narcotics at our nation's ports of entry."

In related news, Moroccan police recently interrupted a drug ring filtering through Africa from South America to Europe.

The group had smuggled 600 kilograms of cocaine, launched from Colombia and Venezuela, reported the AP.

Sources: Washington Examiner, AP

Photo: Daily Mail, seized cocaine

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