Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Headlines: October 22, 2010

* Cuba: Dissident Guillermo Farinas won the Sakharov human rights prize by the European Parliament, while the archbishop of Havana said that the government would release five more political prisoners.

* Bolivia:
A deal was signed this week that would grant landlocked Bolivia access to the sea via a Peruvian port.

* Argentina:
One of the country's main unions called a general strike in order to protest the recent death of an activist.

* Latin America:
Haiti's Palace of Sans Souci and the pre-Columbian Guatemalan city of Mirador are among 200 international cultural sites that could soon disappear according to a Global Heritage Fund report.

Image: (Journalist Guillermo Farinas had gone on a four month hunger strike this year as a way of protesting Cuban human rights violations).
Online Sources: BBC News, The Guardian, LAHT, Reuters

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