Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Headlines: October 18, 2010

* Chile: While there was plenty of attention focused on the 33 rescued miners in Copiapo, Chile's Congress quietly approved raising royalty fees on large mining firms.

* Latin America:
Rescuers continue searching for two trapped Ecuadorian miners while two Colombian miners died in separate accidents.

* U.S.:
Are "culture and behavioral differences rather than genetics" the reasons why Latinos have a longer life expectancy than whites and blacks?

* Mexico:
Police arrested eight people suspected of involvement in the deaths of 72 Latin American migrants last August.

Online Sources - The Latin Americanist, LAHT, CNN, Montreal Gazette, BusinessWeek, Reuters,
Image - Radio Free Europe ("Carlos Barrios, one of the 33 rescued San Jose miners, hugs a friend on his return home in Copiapo.")

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