Monday, October 18, 2010

Film Festival Decides Best Latin Films

If you're in New York, you have a chance to see one of the all-time best Latin films this week.

Cinema Tropical, a media non-profit in New York, is co-hosting with the IFC to present "The The Best Latin American FIlms of the Decade."

A panel of "critics, scholars and professionals" chose the films, according to the IFC, which include "The Headless Woman," a film by Argentina’s Lucrecia Martel, and "Bus 174" a Rio de Janeiro documentary.

Martel will also present her film La Cienaga at the festival.

“I think one of the key aspects of Latin American cinema has been its diversity … from more mainstream films like 'Amores Perros' or 'City of God' to more intimate art house films such as 'Silent Light' or 'Whiskey' or the work of Lucretia Martel," Cinema Tropical co-founder Carlos GutiĆ©rrez told WNYC.

Choose your film here.

Sources: WNYC, Cinema Tropical, IFC

Photo: IFC, screen shot from "Whisky"

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