Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today’s Video: How about “No pendejos”

Was it a harmless prank or a racist message? So far the motive is not known as to why a pair of roadwork signs on a southern Florida highway were hacked and altered to read “No Latinos” and “No tacos”. It’s also unknown how long the messages were visible and whether the signs were modified internally or remotely. Yet by Tuesday morning the signs were turned off and under police surveillance.

With that area home to such a notable Latino population it was bound to rile some people up. According to NBC Miami’s website:
Reaction to the sign, posted on the "Today in South Florida" Facebook page was mixed.

"Wow someone has a lot of time on their hands to think up of how they can belittle and disrespect a group of people who help keep this country going," said Luly Cueto-Belot.

"Greatest thing I ever saw...let's take this country back dammit!!!..south will rise again mother---er!!" said David Pines.
This must be seen to be believed:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcmiami.com/video.

Online Sources- NBC Miami, AHN, South Florida Sun-Sentinel


Anonymous said...

de Clermont - perhaps the messages were posted not due to racism, but due more to the way that radical elements of the Hispanic are addressing the illegal immigration issue with their hyperbole and rants of racism when perfectly legal laws are proposed to control illegal immigration. Those radical elements are out of control. Certain folks with less emotional resilience will now show their resentment for a group of people that incorrectly claim and scream that any debate about illegal immigration is illegal unless it is 100% amnesty. It ain't gonna happen.

Erwin C. said...

Speaking of things that "ain't gonna happen" those "radical elements" on the anti-immigration side of the equation better think twice if they believe that mass deportations or other wild measures will occur and represent responsible immigration reform. That extreme side of the equation is also out of control as typified by the same mastermind of Arizona's SB 1070 law who reportedly wants to bar automatic citizenship for U.S.-born immigrants. (Such a move would be unconstitutional, for starters).

In other words, it cuts both ways and those on the poles of the immigration debate are hurting far more than helping.

Anonymous said...

de Clermont - to Mr. Erwin C. - speaking of hysterical behaviour. No one has stated that they support mass deportations or other wild measures. All on that side have stated the illegal immigrant situation in the USA has degenerated to an untolerable point and the US government needs to enact the appropriate legislation. Thank you for proving my point about the wacko left and the hystrionics and flagrant lies that the so-called "Hispanic rights groups" are pronouncing. You just outed yourself.

Erwin C. said...

No, there are both extremes and moderates on both sides of the debate. Take the DREAM Act for instance which has received bipartisan support yet has been criticized as "shamnesty" by the staunchest anti-immigrant activists. (And for that matter blasted as insufficient on the extreme pro-immigrant side). One extreme wants general amnesty and the other advocates mass deportations. Neither is realistic and neither will occur.

Unfortunately those on the both the pro- and anti-immigration extremes (not just one side as you claim) are using "histrionics" and inaccurate rhetoric to drown out the moderates in the immigration debate. And these more independent-minded people will be needed in order to support responsible reform on both the state and federal levels.

As I mentioned before, it cuts both ways and the poles on both sides of the immigration debate need to be "outed." Even if it means being incorrectly seen as having a "wacko" perspective.