Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Released After 15 Years in Peruvian Prison

Seven years ago I was in Peru and saw from a distance the jail where Lori Berenson was being held. High up in the barren, frigid Andean highlands, I remember thinking to myself, "man, it would suck to be in jail there."

Lori was released from prison today after serving 15 years for assisting the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA). Lori was originally sentenced to a life term and always maintained she was innocent.

Image Source: Life Magazine
Online Sources: BBC News


Alfredo said...

Great news. Lori was prosecuted under the corrupt Fujimore regime. Viva la libertad!!!!

Anonymous said...

de Clermont - what a shame. She was collaborating with known terrorists. They should have thrown her in the cell let her rot.

Thomas Bleming said...

I am here in Kontum,Vietnam on vacation and just looked at your web site to see what the news has been and low and behold I see where Lori Berenson has finally been released!

GREAT news!!!!!

Thomas Bleming