Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poll: Latinos unhappy with Dems, GOP on immigration

President Barack Obama earlier today vowed to continue pushing for a "comprehensive approach" to immigration reform. But the results of a recent poll showed that Latinos are peeved with the president as well as the Republicans over their approaches towards the immigration debate.

According to an NBC/Telemundo poll released yesterday Latinos harbor mistrust against both of the major parties; a slim majority favor the Democrats while roughly one in five have a positive impression of the GOP. Furthermore, most Latinos (55%) polled disapproved of Obama’s job on immigration. In addition, the push by some Republicans for stronger immigration measures has helped them gain support with two groups who generally lean Democratic: women over fifty years of age and suburban women.

Despite what could be short-term electoral gains the poll revealed that the GOP risks alienating Latino voters. Latinos under forty- who could help boost voter registration numbers- mostly tend to support Obama (73%) and have a greater opposition to Arizona’s controversial immigration law (75%) compared to older Latinos. Also, most of those polled back Democrats over Republicans in handling issues such as dealing with immigration and protecting the interests of minorities. The GOP faces a double-edged sword in some states according to one pollster interviewed by the Wall Street Journal:
While a majority of voters tell pollsters they support the law, and tough stances on illegal immigration are likely to resonate this fall in such states as Nevada and Florida, Republican candidates in California might face a potential backlash from the state's more liberal electorate

In California, "they risk alienating…independent voters who don't support deportations," said Mark Baldassare, chief executive of the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California.
An AP/Univision poll published earlier this month found that most Latinos view illegal immigration favorably and see immigration as a whole as being beneficial to society.

Image- ABC News
Online Sources- CBS News, MSNBC, Newser, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News


Vicente Duque said...

Self-Castration of Arizonans : Arizona Hara-Kiri and Sepuku - From Colorado : Thanks God, our main competitor in Conventions Tourism has commited suicide - Who will save Arizona ???

Please God, make my law unconstitutional in court !

The convention industry plans so many years in advance, the economic impact of the travel boycott won't be felt until "later on down the road". And that may be after the issue has already been resolved.

Nobody will ever know who where those nice people that decided not to visit Arizona. Nobody will ever sum up the losses of Arizona in Conventions and Tourism.

Rob Lang, a University of Nevada sociology professor and director of the Brookings Institution Mountain West division, said last week at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.'s annual "Report to Investors" luncheon that as a result of the new immigration law, " . . . one of your main economic development competitors in the region - Phoenix and Arizona . . . have unilaterally disarmed (themselves)."

Who will save Arizona ??. .... So, what is the best bet for Arizona saving face? .... That the courts intervene and find the law unconstitutional.

But while this legal battle takes place, The Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is extremely Ridiculous trying to solve the problems that she created by re-branding the image of Arizona and tinkering foolishly with the laws that she signed.

She has been manipulated by an extreme right that borders in Friendship with NeoNazis and White Supremacists. Study my posts on J. T. Ready and Russell Pearce, politicians that embrace the Nazis ( With Swastikas, Totenkops, SS Symbols, helmets, ridiculous uniforms of Nazism, Parades in Phoenix to the State Capitol, etc ..)

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

de Clermont - To Vincent Duque - Oh, please - "She has been manipulated by an extreme right that borders in Friendship with NeoNazis and White Supremacists." Give me a break. You do not agree with it so obviously racist and reactionary elements are behind it. What a pathetic crock. So by that logic, Obama is a marxist socialist because he pushed through a health care bill that 68% of the Americans do not want. Why is it on the Left that anything they do not like it is automatically described as racist, or reactionary or Neo-Nazi. Get your own brain and stopping using the one that your group lends to you. The law only mimics federal law and and allows local police to determine a detainees legal status. You have drunk the wacko Hispanics' Rights group Kool-Aid.

Vicente Duque said...

Las Vegas Sun : Atlanta Georgia progressed with Racial Tolerance and Integration while Bimingham Alabama sank with Racial Hatred and was despised by Business : Martin Luther King in jail

Arizona is the New Alabama
Or Tale of two Cities :
Las Vegas Sun
Phoenix — the new Birmingham?
Why Arizona could pay steep economic price for immigration law
Robert Lang and William E. Brown, Jr.
May 16, 2010

Some excerpts :

During the civil rights era of the 1950s and 1960s, Atlanta promoted itself as “The City Too
Busy to Hate.” Atlanta mayor William Hartsfield used this phrase to promote Atlanta’s urban growth and to indicate the city would not succumb to the evils of racial prejudice and violence.

This moniker distanced Atlanta from other big cities in the South, which by implication had plenty of time to hate. This clever marketing strategy helped make Atlanta the world city it is today. The label also struck people as legitimate — Atlanta was not full of angels, rather it was too focused on economic development to deny civil rights to its citizens.

The South was poised to boom after World War II. President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal public works improvements brought electricity, power and technology to the region. The war boosted Southern industry in the manufacture of steel, ships and aircraft.

Atlanta’s leadership understood this basic fact and devised a brilliant campaign with Northern business interests. The city attracted Northern industries and branch offices by downplaying its racial tensions.

Atlanta promoted itself in a positive light, and northerners went “all in.” Atlanta’s chief rival at the time was Birmingham, Ala., an equal urban center in many ways, also poised to boom in post-World War II America.

Unlike Atlanta, Birmingham saw its racial problems spill into the national consciousness in our newspaper headlines and on our nightly TV news. Many iconic events of racial violence happened in Birmingham, which became ground zero for Southern animosity toward blacks.

When Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed in Birmingham on a trumped-up loitering charge, the contrast with Atlanta could not have been starker. King, an Atlanta native, could preach racial tolerance openly in his hometown, but he was imprisoned for these ideas in Birmingham.

And while in jail, King penned his famous essay on race, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Birmingham’s treatment of blacks in general and King in particular was a public relations disaster for its business leadership.

Atlanta quickly became the Southern city for commerce. Yes, Atlanta had its haters such as Georgia Gov. Lester Maddox, but Birmingham had “Bull” Connor, the public safety commissioner who became a symbol of bigotry across the nation for the use of fire hoses and attack dogs against protest marchers. In addition, Alabama Gov. George Wallace emerged as perhaps the most visible politician resisting “Northern-imposed” racial integration.

Today Atlanta is the leading megapolitan area of America’s Southeast, one of the world’s major corporate centers and a global transportation hub. Atlanta’s corporate resume is striking.

This metropolis is home to the world headquarters of Coca-Cola Co., AT&T Mobility and Delta Airlines. Home to the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Atlanta also hosts more than 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies found in the region. Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, making Atlanta truly a world city. Recognizing the significance of its motto, “The City Too Busy to Hate,” Atlanta offers itself to the word today as “The City Not Too Busy to Care.”

Vicente Duque