Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Headlines: May 26, 2010

* Guatemala: As part of a planned lifting of a ban on all international adoptions Guatemalan authorities will obligate DNA tests for all prospective adoptees.

* U.S.: First it was the late Salvadoran bishop Oscar Romero. Now its labor rights activist Dolores Huerta who has become the latest Latino non grata for most Texan school officials.

* Paraguay: President Fernando Lugo vowed to continue an armed forces crackdown against the Paraguayan People's Army rebels.

* Venezuela: The country’s economy continues to be in a recession according to government figures released on Tuesday.

Image –Time (2007 image of babies in a Guatemalan orphanage).
Online Sources - MSNBC, BBC News,, AP, The Latin Americanist


Anonymous said...

Does Latin America mean the Spanish speaking countries of America plus Brasil? If the "guayanas" can be included it might be interesting to include the news that the elections in Surinam were won by The Mega-Combination coalition. The leader of this party, Desi Bouterse is the chief suspect in the ‘December murders’ in Surinam and he has also been tried and convicted in absentia for drug smuggling by a Dutch court. The young voters want to look to the future and feel that he is someone who makes good of his promises.
greetings, indiani

Erwin C. said...

Actually I'm in the middle of a post on news bits from the Caribbean including elections in T & T and violence in jamaica. Thanks for the tip and please stay tuned!