Monday, May 19, 2008

News Briefs: LGBT

* The Roman Catholic cardinal of Monterrey, Mexico- Francisco Robles Ortega- said that while marriage is a union exclusively for a man and woman, such a view “should not justify hatred much less disgust” towards gays.

* Speaking of Mexico, the country’s first transgender wedding took place on Saturday with the couple hoping that their marriage could lead to expanded rights for transsexuals.

* In Cuba, First Daughter Mariela Castro is spearheading an anti-homophobia campaign launched by the government.

* A case overturning a ban on mixed-race weddings in 1948 was cited in last Thursday’s landmark decision to legalize gay marriage in California. The “Perez” in Perez v. Sharp was a Mexican-American plaintiff who won her case in wanting to legally marry an African-American man.

Sources (English)- Reuters, MSNBC, Andrew Sullivan, Wikipedia

Sources (Spanish)- Milenio

Image- Queerty

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