Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bloggers of the world unite!

* A creative yet freaky-looking ad campaign by an Ecuadorian plastic surgery office. (See the above image of an altered Shakira).

* Speaking of ads, is this ad campaign by a Brazilian business magazine creative or tasteless?

* Andres Oppenheimer vs. Jose Miguel Insulza.

* Mexican or Colombian? What’s the difference?

* John McCain’s backing of last year’s immigration reform bill has been a liability according to this blogger.

* The title of this post says it all: “Immigration myths on cable TV.”

* Is Jamaica’s Prime Minister homophobic?

* A look at the award-winning Youth and Children Orchestras of Venezuela.

* Are Colombian guerillas in cahoots with Salvadoran politicos?

* Lastly, a brief debate on whether or not there should be a national museum for Latinos in the U.S.

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Image- Ads of the World

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