Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Will the 2010 soccer World Cup be staged in the Americas?

Mexico, England, and the U.S. are a few possible substitutes who may host the 2010 World Cup in case South Africa cannot do so according to FIFA head Sepp Blatter. South African soccer officials immediately played damage control as Blatter revealed FIFA'S backup plan in an interview yesterday:

“There are other countries ready to organize tomorrow morning or in two days, or two months, a World Cup…The United States of America, and Mexico, they can do it, Japan, they can do it. They have enough stadia. You say England can do it, and I am sure. Spain, they can do it. There are a lot of countries, but they don't need to be ready."

The U.S. hosted the World Cup in 1994, while Mexico hosted the World Cup twice including in 1986 when they were selected as the replacement for Colombia.

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Image- Sportal.co.nz

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