Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Number of Haitians caught at sea skyrocketed

In one month the U.S. Coast Guard stopped more Haitian migrants than in all of 2006. Nearly 1000 Haitian migrants were caught in the month of April, which Coast Guard authorities estimate may not diminish:

"It'll probably continue like this through the summer…every summer is busy.”

366 Haitians who tired to enter the U.S. were deported yesterday; not included in that group were over 100 Haitians who arrived on Floridian shores in late March (image).

On a slightly related note, 13 Cubans are currently at a Border Patrol facility after arriving near Key Biscayne this morning.

Links- CNN, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, CBS4.com, The Latin Americanist, Miami Herald

Image- CBS News

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