Friday, March 30, 2007

Music soothes the savage beast

Salma Hayek eat your heart out! (Image of Julieta Venegas via Sitios España)

  • A few days ago, Colombian singer Carlos Vives insulted Shakira's decision to crossover into the North American market by singing in English. Vives- whose claim to fame was recycling old vallenato music- conveniently ignored how she’s called the shots to her English-language albums. Though guided by Emilio Estefan, Shakira was practically given full creative control of her musical content in English. Perhaps Carlitos is jealous that his career is pretty much done and that his knowledge of English may be enough to get him by while vacationing in Miami?
Shakira - Ciega, Sordomuda
  • The Vives-Shakira debate reminds me of this post from blogger Muruch’s review of the latest album from Puerto Rican singer Zayra Alvarez.A former contestant on reality show “Rockstar: Supernova,” Zayra’s album was released in both Spanish and English. Muruch feels that Zayra’s Spanish songs are far superior to those in English “as singing in Spanish seems to give her pretty voice much more strength”. (Maybe Vives was on to something? Gulp!)

Zayra – Lluvia de Mar (File removed upon request)

  • Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez (sorry, I refuse to call her by her nickname!) took a trip back to her old stomping grounds in the Bronx.No, it wasn’t for charitable or benevolent reasons but rather to promote her upcoming Spanish-language (reverse crossover?) album.Though not his “cup of tea”, Chapín over at La Onda Tropical took a listen to her album and recommends it to those who “have a soft spot for tacky lyrics, and don't mind enduring the horrible music.”Pity it will most likely become a platinum album.

Jennifer Lopez - Te Voy a Querer

Julieta Venegas - Siempre en Mi Mente

  • Speaking of tours, English artist Morrissey announced of an extensive tour of the U.S. starting in late April. An interesting aspect about Morrissey is that he has a rabid and loyal fan base amongst Mexican-American fans in southern California and southwestern U.S.In response to his adoration amongst Chicanos, Morrissey recorded “First of the Gang to Die” in 2003.It is a great rock tune that differs greatly from the dark, depressing sounds that he was best known for as lead singer of The Smiths.(I suppose I should clarify that I’m a big fan of “Moz” as evidenced by these posts).

Morrissey - First if the Gang to Die

  • Reggaeton has become one of the hottest musical genres in the Hispanic market.Entering the fray is seven-year-old Miguelito who is trying his best to emulate the urban thug look in his album cover.Masala has a clip of Miguelito’s music; judge for yourself if he belongs in the studio or at home playing on an Xbox.

Miguelito – Montala

  • Lastly, we’ll end on a smooth note with the dulcet sounds of Brazilian chanteuse Maria Rita.We mentioned Rita in a previous post last May but it’s worth mentioning her again since her smooth and velvety voice is the perfect way to wind down after a busy week.

Maria Rita - Estrela, Estrela

See you all on Monday. Chao!

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muruch said...

I appreciate your link to and comments on my post. But xould you please remove the link to the mp3 on my server? In addition to eating up my bandwidth, I only obtained permission from Zayra's label to share the song on my own blog for 14 days. Thanks!

shafeeq said...

you are doing a real nice work...I'm here 1st time...will come again...thank you! keep it up!

Erwin C. said...

Muruch- Sorry about the problem with the MP3 file; I just removed it from being directly linked.

Great job on your blog, by the way!

Misbahul- Thank you for your feedback!

muruch said...

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. :)

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