Monday, March 26, 2007

Mel Gibson loses his cool at Central American studies prof

Actor Mel Gibson lost his temper against an alleged “heckler” during a screening of his film “Apocalypto.” During a question and answer session, Gibson told assistant professor Alicia Estrada to “f*ck off” after she accused him of racially stereotyping Mayan culture in “Apocalypto.”

Estrada requested that Gibson apologize not only to her but “the Mayan community and members of the Mayan community,” though Gibson’s publicist labeled her as “rude and disruptive inasmuch as the event organizers had to escort her out.” (This naturally gives him the privilege to drop the F-bomb on her. Oy vey!)

Gibson has not been a stranger to controversy whether it be over “The Passion of the Christ” or drunk misogynist outbursts at comely policewomen.

Links- Daily Breeze, BBC News, UPI, CBS News, CNN, Hollywood Gossip

Image- (Photo of Mel Gibson as he was supposedly arguing with Alicia Estrada)

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